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Ski and Snowboard Private Lessons in Sierra Nevada + Video Recording

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2 Hours of Class + Personalized Video

Ski or Snowboard mode

The schedule will be confirmed once you make the reservation.

Hours available:
.- From 10 to 12 hours
.- From 12 to 14 hours
.- From 14 to 16 hours
Ski students cannot be mixed with snowboard students and participants must have the same skill level.
The recording of the video will take place during the 2 hours of Private Class.
The assembled and finished video will be delivered within a maximum period of 2 days and with a duration of between 1 to 3 minutes.

All levels are admitted from 3 years.
Private class with 1 teacher who has a special camera for personalized video recording.


If you cancel 8 hours before the start of the service, you will have no cost and will proceed to the full payment of the service.

Haven't you found the particular ski or snowboard class in Sierra Nevada you were looking for?

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